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Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon January 19, 2008

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I recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 because I had heard there were some exclusive programs that were pretty great in it. One of those being LMMS.

Currently I’m between Fedora and Windows XP so I figured Ubuntu wouldn’t be too strange to me. As it turns out I was way off. For one, there were 2 different places for me to get programs and both had different lists and confused the hell out of me. Once I figured out which one had the program I wanted I had it download and install, but then couldn’t find any launcher for it anywhere. I also tried installing the Flash 9 web player but it wouldn’t work even after I refreshed my browser. Now maybe it’s just because of my experience with Fedora but I think that Ubuntu hasn’t improved since I last used it during 6.06. One good thing about it is that it works with my wireless network, but other than that it is mind boggling and I can’t get a handle on it anywhere near as fast as I could with 6.06 or any Fedora distributions.

So I’m sad to say that I will be keeping Ubuntu, but won’t be using that partition for much of anything till the next release. I don’t feel that I should have so much trouble adjusting to an operating system. It’s true that Fedora took me a while to get used to but at least it was a little more intuitive. Anyways that’s it for my little rant right now.


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