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Gundam OO season 1 February 9, 2008

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I was really excited about Gundam OO when I first heard about it but I didn’t think it would be anywhere near as good as G Gundam. This series kicks G Gundam’s ass! They really set it up well with the Gundams being a tool for obliterating war and the three powers trying to get rid of them. Four Gundam Meisters team up in this one and go through some quarrels about how each person operates. Personalities are key throughout and help develop a lot of the story and help give the viewer an attachment to each of the main characters.

I’ve just finished watching the RAW episode 18 and I have to say that it was the saddest episode I have seen. Especially with those rings… The Gundam Trinity is probably the best set of bad guys I’ve ever seen in a Gundam series (though I admit I’ve only seen 2). I also got very excited at the end of it! Will the rest of the original Gundam Meisters help Setsuna?

Definitely looking forward to season 2 and where that takes Celestial Being.

I’ll edit this later because I know my paragraph and sentence structure is a little weird. I’m trying to learn how to get screenshots of video but it’s not working out too well.

Edit:  Looks like it wasn’t the season ending episode like I thought.  The ending preview threw me off a bit.  Though they did show a commercial for the second season of Code Geass which is another anime I’m excited about.


Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon January 19, 2008

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I recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 because I had heard there were some exclusive programs that were pretty great in it. One of those being LMMS.

Currently I’m between Fedora and Windows XP so I figured Ubuntu wouldn’t be too strange to me. As it turns out I was way off. For one, there were 2 different places for me to get programs and both had different lists and confused the hell out of me. Once I figured out which one had the program I wanted I had it download and install, but then couldn’t find any launcher for it anywhere. I also tried installing the Flash 9 web player but it wouldn’t work even after I refreshed my browser. Now maybe it’s just because of my experience with Fedora but I think that Ubuntu hasn’t improved since I last used it during 6.06. One good thing about it is that it works with my wireless network, but other than that it is mind boggling and I can’t get a handle on it anywhere near as fast as I could with 6.06 or any Fedora distributions.

So I’m sad to say that I will be keeping Ubuntu, but won’t be using that partition for much of anything till the next release. I don’t feel that I should have so much trouble adjusting to an operating system. It’s true that Fedora took me a while to get used to but at least it was a little more intuitive. Anyways that’s it for my little rant right now.


Flock, the Social Web Browser.

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I created this account because of Flock, which is probably the best browser around. It’s based off of Firefox but improves on many areas such as speed, ease of use, and style. It is likely the best tool ever for an everyday net user such as myself. I can upload my photos to Photobucket or Piczo without having to go to the sites, see recently posted videos on YouTube and look at my friends list without disrupting my searches or switching tabs, and I can even post on this blog without ever touching the site.


My New Blog!

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This is something that is kind of new to me, so I hope that I do at least moderately well.

I plan on using this blog to state some of my adventures on the internet and possibly show off some projects. I rarely have projects to show but I have plenty to post about from my treks around the wired.